Business Solutions

Strategic Planning and Consulting

Telprom's consultants act as our client's Chief Technology Officer and provides a technical voice in the strategic planning for the company. In this role we are often involved in developing the IT budget, and cooperatively building a strategic technology plan that positively impacts the organization's business.


The last two decades have seen a revolution in telephony: old proprietary systems are being abandoned for open platforms that mix great prices with increasingly advanced features. Telprom can evaluate your current network and make a recommendation that may save money and add new capabilities while increasing your reliability and ease of use.

Unified Communications

Even the smallest network needs to have robust network security practices. From best-in-breed security designs to reactive intrusion detection, Telprom works to shrink the scope of vulnerabilities, the size of risks, and the necessity for clean-up through our industry best practices. Call us to help separate the hype from the reality in the security world.

Strategy and Usability

We offer solutions and services with measurable results and are easy to use. To do this we utilize a process-oriented method that identifies your strategic goals, current resources, competitive position and user experience. Once formulated the plan is made actionable through technical specifications, information architecture and annotated services.

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